Re: Joining Eumetcast - asking for hardware recommendations

Christian Peters

Hi Simon,

my recieving PC is running now and I receive data (by Win7 now for first tests and start). I just installed D. Taylors demos (MSG) and did some tests. Very nice software.
But in parallel I set up a Ubuntu 15.04. and could install pytroll and even pydecorate which was very difficult. In the end after figureing out that I have first to decompress the received MSG files with xRITDecompress from Eumetsat I could make first pictures with pytroll. I’m not a programmer and writing shell and python scripts is not very easy for me. But it works nice now.
I just struggle with the problem to get the raw files from the receiving station to the process computer and tried to set up some cron jobs shell sripts (running in a loop) wich do the job and even decompress the files but I struggled!:-(
It would be great if you could send me some code snippets how to/you solve this? Would be great!
I even tried to let pytroll (mpop/mpip?) decompress the data while generating the pictures but it didn’t work. Searched the internet but couldn’t find any .cfg and/or code samples? Did you solve this or did you decompress the files with a cronjob/xRITDecompress?

Thanks in advance!



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