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Simon Proud <simon.proud@...>

Hi Christian,
We (my research group at a university) run a Linux-based reception system.
We have an Sr-1 connected to 3 linux PCs, all running Ubuntu 14.04:
- One to receive MSG full-disk/foreign/polar data.
- One to process the above.
- One to receive/process the rapid scan MSG data.

Setting up the tellicast software is a pain in the ass (a few problems
along the way) but the EUMETSAT webpage now has a helpful FAQ that will be
of use (in the troubleshooting section).
We use the config files (I forget the names, maybe recv-channels.ini?) to
arrange which directories to save the data for each channel and from there
we have a set of cron scripts that try to process the data every 2 minutes.
For the actual processing we use a heavily modified version of PyTroll ( and a modified version of the NWC-SAF software (

If you choose to receive+process on 1 computer (like we do with the RSS
data) then I'd recommend a solid sate drive. We used to use an 'old style'
hard disk and found it could not cope with the transfer rate (probably due
to the disk-intensive SAF software). If you are only making RGB images then
an old disk would probably be OK but an SSD is safer. For the dual-PC setup
we're running old disks and they have no problem.

Hope that helps,

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@ Alan! thank you for the Links, very useful information. An IP-based
solution is maybe the more comfort solution, thanks for your experiences.

@Rorbert: ok, another devicse which semms to wirk quite well!

@Mike: That sounds interesting!? Any ideas when the new card will be
released? But good to hear that the USB Box is working quite well too.
Would be a more flexible solution as a PCIe Card if it's stabe for 24/7!

Thank for your feedback.

Would be interesing to hear some real world 1/2 PC setups from users
running this service as I am quite confused whether to set up a one or two
machine setup. Anyone running a linux based reciever PC? ;-)



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