Re: Joining Eumetcast - asking for hardware recommendations

Alan Banks <alanjamesbanks@...>

Hi Christian,
My page needs an update!
More info on the GEO website, though David's is the most comprehensive. I use the Ayecka and can't comment on other devices.
However there is some info on the checkboxes one needs.
links from

On 06/12/2015 18:00, hctpeters@... [MSG-1] wrote:

I’m very interested in setting up an Eumetcast receiving station. I read
a lot on Eumetcast, David Taylor’s page, even looked at Alan Banks
homepage, saw some french Youtube videos and skimmed the MSG-1 group
which was all amazing . I’m receiving NOAA APT currently.
As looked around I’m just confused what DVB-S2 interface to choose.
The Ayecka SR1 seems to be quite well but as my budget is limited and I
have to buy even a new computer as well as a Win-7 license, the dish
(around 120cm+Inverto IDLB-SINL40-Ultra I think?), the Eumetcast
license, software etc. and I’m not sure everything will work figured I
could maybe start with a TBS 5925 Box or the TBS 6983 which will save
around 400,- Euro. But there seems to be different experiences
concerning this devices!? I planned to by an i3-4370 and hope that would
be powerful enough for setting up a receive and process PC at once and
hope this CPU would be powerful enough. Or is there any recommendation
for a more current-saving setup as the computer has to run 24/7 all the

Any help or hints regarding my setup and choosing which checkboxes at
the Eumetcast online registration service/datasets would be very

Thank you!



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