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Subject: [MSG-1] Eclipse periods

Will MSG-1 have eclipse periods like other geostationary satellites,
when there is not enough power to keep the electronics fully
running? I am presuming so, but have seen no announcement as yet.
I also asusme that at some point there will be periods where the
imager will be switched off to avoid looking at the sun.

I see this will start soon on GOES and Meteosat 7.

Interesting point, David. There is nothing specific in any of the technical
documents (Particularly 07 and 08). MSG's power demand (600W) is 3 times
that of its predecessors but still has an increased life span of 7 years.
There is a reference to on-board batteries for eclipse purposes but I would
think that it is to ensure power for its own housekeeping etc. Having said
that there is no input/output dissemination now so the power requirements
must be less.
Will be interesting to see what happens.


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