Re: Equipment for receiving MSG-1


I tested the single PC setup for a couple of days (and at our 13
september meeting at utrecht).

It is possible to receive and process images simultaneously. But you
need to monitor CPU load and memory usage at every step. Either
select only a few channels in MDM or stock up your memory to 1024 Mb
or more.
Running Tellique and MDM (all channels on, HRIT and LRIT) is possible
without missing segments on a 1.8 GHz P4 with 512 Mb.
In addition I do browse the images simultaniously wit PSP.

But running Geosatsignal and animation additionally is too heavy for
the amount of memory and causes loss of missing segments, even on my
intel P4 2.4 GHz with 1024 Mb DDR memory running Windows 2000 SP3.

But a word of caution here; MSG Data stream is still being expanded
(latest addition MDD data) and other "simple" tasks should be avoided
on this PC.
Once I tried to browse a folder with over 20.000 raw data files and
had Windows explorer hanging for a couple of minutes and a lot of
missing segments afterwards !
So house keeping a single PC that runs for 24 hours a day will be a
challenge !

Arne van Belle

By the way: Did anybody noticed something unusual when processing
todays 15:15 HRIT scan ?

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