Re: SR1 control console not locked

Ulrich G. Kliegis

Thank you for your kind reply. Which manager do you refer to ?
Where exactly is this D..window showing me those IP addresses ?

Do you see the controler window with the three scales in it? If yes - in the upper
right corner there is a large icon with a face that resembles one of the regulars of
this list, actually, THE regular. Left-click on that image. Then you should see the IP
of the SR1, at least the one that the controler assumes.
If you can't ping the controler from the PC on which the controler runs, you should
try to find out what IP the controler is actually set to (e.g. via the USB interface) and
then match the two.

N.B.: The IPs of the data path and the management port can be different. Refer to
the SR1 documentation too (RTFM...)


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