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Very little MODIS data being sent at the moment. I only take data approx.
14 hours a day so cannot comment on overnight data, but yesterday only a
handful of files received in the evening and again today I have only 2 files
which have just been received.

David, you mentioned in your daily report a few days ago that you noticed
data levels were down. Given the size of MODIS-L1 files this might explain
the reduction in volume you noticed.



Thanks for that, Ian. Yes, those are big files, so it could account for the difference. Checking back over the last few days the 26th does seem to have a little less data:

23 - 159 files
24 - 91 files
25 - 119 files
26 - 93 files
27 - 35 files so far

Perhaps someone could investigate further and report back to EUMETSAT?

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