jumbled images

Robert Moore

I have a problem that I think some other list members may have encountered from time to time. I'm getting segments that seem to be out of order. This shows up most notably in animations where the image jumps around - segments go backwards in the animation in a rather random way. As a result RSS is often unusable and GSS animations barely usable. By selecting files carefully I can always get a good static GSS image however because there are enough images intact. So GSS is not so serious a problem - but my Atlantic IR animation that was always running on a second monitor has been out of action for a while.
I suspected environmental factors because the line of sight to the satellite passes very close to trees. But there is no variation in reception with wind, which I would expect to be the case if swaying branches were the problem.
On David's suggestion I have been monitoring reception - although not at such regular intervals as I would have liked. I'm not sure I know how to read these data, so any hints would be welcome. I have put both Tellicast and Novra data into tables in a Word document which I am uploading to the group's files.
The little strings 'xxx' are where numbers are changing too fast to write down.


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