Re: Ayecka SR1 ocassional issue: IP data flow but "Config error" at tellicast



Have you reported this problem to Ayecka or EUMETSAT?
Perhaps you could supply the following information:

- Are you on the current software release (255) for the Ayecka?
- What is your Es/No - i.e. how good a signal are you getting?
- What are the RX Link Margin Thresholds set to?
- Are you trying to take the high-volume service as well as the basic
- If only taking the Basic Service, have you set the MODCOD?

I would suggest using the current software, and ensuring that your settings
for the receiver are the best for the signal and service you are receiving.


Hi, thanks for your answer.

Yes, I reported to EUMETSAT and they recommended to me paying attention to the settings you mention and also doing the sw upgrade. I already had version 255, but did the config changes according to their recommendations. Let's see what happen at next outage.
Ayecka told they do not have feedback about problems with their units, and I do not see two many people at the group having problems like the one I reported. So, migth be a problem with my unit.

Have all a nice weekend.


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