Re: SeaIceViewer

Ulrich G. Kliegis

Nigel, James, David,

with a shamefully lowered head I have to admit that the problem once again sits
about 50cm in front of the screen in front of me. I had obviously looked at a
previous version of my recv-channels.ini file, you guess it, the working one had
some nasty ### at wrong places. Except for saf-europe, all saf channels were # 'ed

So, I can't but apologize to have occupied your time...

Since my receiver runs non-stop, the daylight option never applies here. Hey, there
is always some daylight anywhere!


Von: "'David J Taylor' [MSG-1]"
Datum: Fri, 16 Jan 2015 11:45:03 -0000

a) I've maybe unintentionally disabled the special format in
recv-channels.ini (but
which ones?)


Nigel says that the data is in the SAF directory, so check that in the
channel selection options, SAF, you have the "Ocean & Sea-Ice"
checked. The files come in around 04:44, it appears, so anyone only
running during daylight hours would miss them.

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