Re: SR1 Telnet Problems

Ulrich G. Kliegis

Hi Ian,

I have managed to get the PC and the SR1 communicating. I did delete
the message afterwards but it would appear it stayed on the server
for you to reply to. Sorry about that.
A recurring problem. Adding a 'solved' message is the way I handle such things.

In my case it was the PC IP address that was incorrect and confusing
me. I am not very good with networking, that's my excuse. :(
The nice thing about all this tinkering is that we all learn a lot every day, then can
forget it and learn it again the following day. People call that experience... :)

The SR1 is now communicating via USB and Telnet. Next step is to
realign the dish to the new satellite.
On my toroidal dish, it meant just moving on the LNB one tick - and being happy
that there is still a small gap towards the next LNB pointing at a TV satellite @ 13°

Once again, thanks for your reply.
You are welcome.

You will probably also have installed David's SR1 controller monitor. Very helpful
when aligning the dish with a WLAN notebook close by. Make the changes to your
dish in slow motion, there is some time lag between the mechanical change and the
display of the measured parameters.



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