Re: SR1 Telnet Problems

Ulrich G. Kliegis

as a first approach, I suggest you read the thread titled

SR1, no lock, margins

that ran here a few days ago. I seems that your situation is very similar to the point
where I started that thread.

Most important: My GEO-supplied SR1 was not loaded with the configuration set for
the new satellite. It was easy though to get that done.

The Traffic port is the one you will use when you employ only one ethernet port. In
the system setup, you can unite or separate the two ethernet ports, it i ssomewhere
in the network chapter, the key terms are "isolated" and "combined" or similar.

I suggest you use the telnet via USB path to get all settings done - you can test
them simultaneously on the ethernet side of the box.

If you want to couple the box to your LAN, you will want to use the management
port for management (and supervision) purposes. The traffic is fix-wired for an IP in
the 192.168.100.x subrange. I changed the management port to my 192.168.1.x
range, but then I have an extra Ethernet connection for that. You CAN do that too
also with only one ethernet socket on your PC - David suggested a very powerful
Ethernet-to-USB interface somewhere these days, and I am sure he will repeat that
advice here. This would allow you to get two ethernet paths between your PC / LAN
and the SR1. The traffic port should then be exclusive for the payload data.

You can hardly damage the SR1 through the normal interfaces, so give it a try!

I just can say that I am more than happy with the box so far, Eumetsat reception
has never been so unproblematic before. What's more: The separation of the
receiver from the PC unburdens the latter, I gets the data chunks ready for use,

Hope this helps at least a little bit, you certainly will have more questions, don't
hesitate to ask.


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Hi, apologies if this has been discussed before. I have tried to find
a solution but was unsuccessful.
My receiving PC is a HP unit with a Realtek PCIe GBE Family
Controller network, with Windows 7. No second network card as yet

I have received my SR1 unit today from GEO and wanted to test the
unit - currently my dish is pointed at the old satellite and needs

I can connect to the SR1 using the USB connection and RX1 status is
given as Active, Locked - so I presume the RX is receiving a signal
from the old setup/alignment.

I try to connect via the management port and I get no info back using
David's SR1controller other than NOT LOCKED in red. Using putty I get
"network error: Network is unreachable" There are no activity led's
flashing on the port.

If I move the LAN cable to the traffic port of the SR1 I do get
activity led's flashing.

On switching the unit on the activity led's on the management port do
momentarily flash green then nothing further.

I presume the management side of the SR1 should still allow me to
connect via telnet even if there is no valid reception and at least
allow me to access the menu for the hardware?

I am not used to configuring networks and have been purely 'plug &
play' in this resect so I apologise for my apparent dumbness in this

Using Windows 7 network and sharing center it states the PC is not
connected to any networks. Any help to get my PC connected to the SR1
via telnet would be appreciated. The PC was previously connected to a
router but has been disconnected from the internet temporarily until
I get a second network card.

I have tried the different config files from the GEO website and they
make no difference.

Any help is gratefully received. Thanks.


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