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The bit that must be changed is in a demodulator chip register. From user space you have either to go via the PCIe bus and a PCIe bridge onto the card or via the USB bus and an USB bridge into the box. CrazyCat stated that his utility does only work for the PCIe SkyStar 2 eXpress HD card as he does not know how to get to the hardware via (the closed source) USB driver. Appearently that is why Ian had no success with his USB box.

Now EUMETSAT states that the Windows fix works for the USB box too, which is astonishing to say the least.



P.S. Both receivers will work fine under GNU/Linux using CrazyCats Open Source driver stv090x.

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Geoff, I have a Technisat HD USB DVB-S2 box the same as the one shown on the
migration page. It will not work under Windows for the basic service as it
is not compatible with VCM . You can receive the odd bit of data but you
will have hundreds of missed packets in minutes due to the HVService



You may be interested in:

"The purpose of this manual is to guide a user through the minimum necessary
steps to allow the reception of EUMETCast data (DVB-S2 only BS) on the
Technisat Skystar 2 HD PCIe and Skystar USB HD satellite receivers."

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