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This fix util only for SS2 eXpress.
I don't know how access I2C-bus from user-space with SS HD USB driver.

18.12.14, 22:50, "'Ian Deans' iandeans142@... [MSG-1]" <MSG-1@...>":

I set up my Technisat HD USB box again but the CrazyCat fix SS2XPFDX.ex will
not load on my computer with the message it has stopped working. I have
tried all compatibility ( I am running Windows 8.1 ) but with no success.
The box goes in and out of lock because of the VCM problem with an SNR about


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As reported several times the TechniSat Skystar 2 eXpress HD and the SkyStar
HD USB DVBS-2 box do work under GNU/Linux for the Basic Service even if they
do not know about VCM. It's one single bit that you must set in a
demodulator register. The demodulator works then like an Ayecka SR1 in dual
mode (where you do not use the second demodulator). The problem of Windows
drivers was that they did not know about that while in the Open Source
drivers under GNU/Linux (once the problem was understood) this could easily
be fixed.

CrazyCat has made a fix for ignorant Windows drivers and so there have now
been reports that (at least the PCIe Card) works as well under Windows.
These devices have the same demodulator as the 85 Euro TBS-5980 USB box that
runs fine as a Basic Service receiver for Arne van Belle with CrazyCat

EUMETSAT has tested the SkyStar receivers under GNU/Linux so far and found
them to work just fine.

So Ian please try to use the CrazyCat fix that you find on this list and
chances are it cures your packet loss as well. I would really like to see a
SkyStar 2 USB HD box running as a Basic Service receiver under Windows.



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