Re: Query setting DVB-S to DVB-S2


Hi Christoph,

I've changed the coax cable from RX1 to RX2 but the light doesn't change,
it is still red and there is no difference in the main menu.


Hi Basil,

At the moment I am receiving DVB-S data via the Ayecka SR1 and want to
change to DVB-S2. I have followed the instructions in David Taylor's
Next-Steps and I now have Config Set1 Not Active and Config Set2 Active, yet when
it reverts back to the main menu it says RX1 Active and RX2 Not Active.
Why is that, should'nt the Main menu now say RX1 Not Active and RX2

RX1 and RX2 designate the receivers, i.e. where you plug the coax cable
coming from the dish into. The data stream still arrives at RX1 even with
configuration set 2; unless you switched the cable to RX2 ...




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