SR1 Wampserver labour pains

Ulrich G. Kliegis

This moment had to come - I tried to follow the Eumetsat installation directions step
by step, but sometimes things don't work out as expected.

XP SP3, to start with.
SR1 streams DVB-S (!) data in its out of the GEO-box state.
USB interface successfully installed.
.net framework 3.5 installed.
wampserver(32b) installation is stopped two times with the message that httpd.exe
is not a valid Windows application. Bummer.
After the (thus interrupted) installation finishes, starting wampserver leads to the
message that Aestan Tray Menue has found an error and must be stopped. Report
to Billy G.? Rather not.

Where did I take the wrong way? The data stream from the SR1 has been running
all the time during these activities.

At one time during the wamp installation I was asked for the browser on my system.
The installation suggested explorer.exe. On the first attempt, I selected firefox.exe,
on the second attempt (leading to the same result) I left explorer.exe there. No

Any suggestions anyone, or just a pointer where this has been solved or discussed

Thanks, cheers,


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