Smooth operation

Ulrich G. Kliegis

After reanimating my receiver PC - the culprit for its fault was a pretty seasoned
Samsung HDD that had been working for several years without any hickup but
turned belly up now completely - I woke up this morning and decided that today
would be transition day, at least the transition from the old Technisat Skystar 2,
later on an USB DVB-S receiver, to the (GEO-provided) Ayecka SR1.

David had recommended a PCI ethernet interface card for the communication with
the SR1. TPLink TG 3269. Now, installing an ethernet interface should not be more
difficult than cooking some potatoes, but I almost started to doubt my relation to the
reality - no driver installation possible on my very minimalistic XP system.

Until I thought that the still running Tellicast Client might stand in the way (initiated
by the autostart batch). After stopping it, everything went absolutely smooth. I just
had to change the ethernet connection to the 'traffic' socket, but from then on, a
steady data flow rewarded my efforts.

So, in the next days I'll move the LNB a tick over to its new home position on the
rail of the toroidal dish. I am sure this will not be the most difficult part, but you
never know...

And then I'll have to reconstruct an up-to-date receiver - I am working now on a
vintage backup image from 2010.


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