Quality/Strength of reception - SR1

Roland Fechter

Thanks to David`s tireless assistance I have now my GEO SR1 up and running.
It is set to receive S-1 data for now. Despite my adjusting - readjusting my new 1.10 m dish with my new Satfinder meter I can only manage marginal reception. In plain words -- the SR1 console David kindly installed for me shows values just at the beginning of the green zone of all three dials. At more or less 12o`clock !Good enough to set the SR1 working -- As we at present here in Central Europe all enjoy the same grey sky with light rain in between Iit would be very helpful to me to know
1) your size of dish you use for SR 1
2) type and brand of the LNB you use with this dish
3) average value shown on each of the three dials of your SR1 console
For those of you who already jumped onto SR 2 ----using the same equipment as before ------
do you observe any decrease or increase in reception quality ?
Further ----for all of you in rainy regions ------how strongly does heavy rain or sleet or snow degrade
the quality of your Eumetcast reception via the SR1 ?
I am sure this survey will be of general use.
Thanks in advance for numerous replies.
Good night.

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