Re: Ayecka delivery

Ulrich G. Kliegis

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Datum: Tue, 2 Dec 2014 21:34:26 +0100
Betreff: [MSG-1] Ayecka delivery
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anybody can tell me how long it takes for the delivery of the Ayecka?
I mean I have made the order and also the membership subscription In
the same time and have paid through PayPal. I did not receive any mail
from Geo that says that I am membership and also When they are going
to send and how they send the Ayecka. Anybody can tell me how it
works? thanks
the (voluntary!!!) GEO helpers dance as fast as they can. I placed my order last
week (or so), and today the postman brought a neutral brown bag, disguised as
coming from very remote regions of our world (he commented on that :) ), but
contained a very neatly wrapped SR1 including power supply (with the correct
plug!) and a USB cable.

A big and loud THANK YOU! to the GEO staff who spend their valuable time for

Now I'll dive into David's advice pages (including the multiple contributions of so
many others here). At the same time, I could pick up the extra Ethernet PCI card
today that David recommends for the traffic link. Hope I'll also sort out the SATA
problem soon and then enjoy a quiet phase of undisturbed data stream in the next
months - as it was for (felt) ages in the past.

Best regards, cheers,


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