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Roland Fechter

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David, Let me repeat it ----the LAN address of my LAN 3 Realtek family
controller which is submask

As I cannot establish a Wlan link between my PC and my speedport router I
will be happy to use my PC with the SR1 only, i.e. I will forego using it
for online operation.
I will use my notebook for online purposes.
Consideri ng this and keeping in mind the settings shown by my putty
protocol have you already come to a conclusion as to where my erroneous
settings(setting) are-is ? I mean have you found the reason for my permanent
yellow T ?
Thanks in advance,

Thanks for confirming the IP address, I don't recall seeing it from you
before. It is correct.

Does PuTTY work both over your USB connection, and as a Telnet session to

-reply -------thanks David again, yes putty ran via its usb connection as Telnet session but
to --LAN IP address as per putty protocol.
Why ------I did put in the famous but I got 102 instead of 150 !? why and how to correct it and get the thing run on ?
Thanks in advance,

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