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Roland Fechter

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Whilst the settings you quote are correct, we still need to know what the
address of your PC is. You may need to change it between connecting to
SR1 and connecting to the Internet. General advice is to get a Wi-Fi USB
dongle to connect to the Internet via your router (unless your PC already
has Wi-Fi support, of course).


Just to agree with David.
I have only one LAN connection/port on my EUMETCast PC and this is of
course now used by the SR1 all the time.
I already installed a USB Wi-Fi doggle for Internet connection which was
used for SatSignal updates but is even more important now as I can remotely
monitor what the SR1 receiver is 'doing' via Team Viewer on my tablet when
I am adjusting the dish.


Thank you to both of you for your kind information. As I fail to get a Wlan connection via my speedport router I have to set my PC such that it allows use of the SR1 via its single LAN port.. I can use internet via my notebook.
My question to you is now -----what LAN physical MAC does my PC require for using it for the SR1 only and second how do I enter this MAC, if different from the one shown on the putty protocol.
Thanks in advance.

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