Re: Technisat DVB

Roland Fechter

Hello & thank you very much for your kind reply.
Meanwhile you should have received my Putty log. Hopefully it will clarify things.
I addressed it directly to your own address, David.
Referring to your present questions.
Putty says
RX locked, active
Eumetcast DVS- S2 1513.000 Mhz DVS-S2 16APSK 2/3, 32.994 Msps, ACM 1.6 dB
Doesn`t this prove I have a solid link to the S2 data via SR1 ?
---Management ip address is
---Management ip mask is
--Management multicast is On
--PC lan port connected to Management port of SR1,
however, as no data came, I connected to the traffic port later
---putty says lan ip address is -----
subnet mask LN IP mask ------
------DVB Interface address, ie recv.ini address set to ...

I will now connect again my SR1 - I had to remove it to get Internet Connection.
Hopefully this should be done within the next 30 minutes. By the way-----I have now installed Teamviewer, if someone is prepared to help me please tell me your own password. I already got mine.
I look forward to your news.
Kind regards,

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