Re: Technisat DVB

Roland Fechter

Thank you for your kind suggestions, David !
I have managed to get installed the S2 configuration. S1 will be gone soon, so why bother with the S config.
When checking status via Putty link with S2 data is shown. It also says "choice timeout"
Is this the reason for my problem ? If so, how to overcome it ?
All lan settings etc have been doublechecked by me. Yet, still no visible data via the SR1, although during daytime I got abt. 100-150 blocks per minute. Red T sometimes improving to yellow.
Firewalls checked, too. So antivirus.
It seems to be a "case" for a teamviewer friend, I think. A true challenge - anyone volunteering ?
Otherwise there will be soon a cheap SR 1 on Ebay. I myself most certainly am getting fed up with the "so easy" installation eating my sleep for nothing !
I look forward to your further assistance.

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