Technisat DVB

Roland Fechter

Migration to Eutelsat 10A and to SR1 is still my problem here. I have now moved the weather thing
to my Asus PC with Windows 7 professional.
Currently I still use the Technisat usb hd box with Eurobird 9E.
I have a 1.10m dish - my tests have shown that it receives sufficiently strong Eutelsat 10A, too.
I understand that there is a constant "overspill" between both satellites - i.e. when searching and locating 10A I also receive some transponders of 9A and visa versa. I understand that in this way - dish at 9E- the SR1 can also acquire the basic S 2 data from 10A.
When connecting the SR1 and having done the necessary LAN address changes do I still need my Technisat usb box - do I have to change Technisat DVB from 9A to 10A and which data to put there for 10A ?
When linking to the SR1 via the traffic socket traffic - I see via the LED data coming in and a constant lock via RF 1 but I still have the big red T.
Without your expert help I will have no working migration at the end of this year and have a useless costly black box grinning at me !
May I count upon your continued advice, please ?
Thanks in advance and kind regards.

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