SR1 setup

Roland Fechter

Thank you all first for the assistance you kindly have provided me already.
I have now loaded my old Notebook with XP prof. and thankfully have managed to make my Technisat USB HD do its job via Eurobird 9.
I aspire now to finally have my new SR1 box operational.
Here I am stuck and the state of things is:
1) All LAN address changes done
2) SR1 linked to Eurobird 9 - lock 1 permanently green, lock 2 stays red. Periodic twinkling burst
of green Management LED.
3) Tellicast shows permanent YELLOW T. Status stays starting. Windows Firewall shows Tellicast excepted ! Tellicast Client graph shows via lower filled twinkling green bar a permanent arrival of data.
4) NIC Speed at full duplex 100mbps
5) LAN of NIC Realtek RTL8169/8110 shows reduced or missing "connectivity" does not receive any parcels.

By the way - I do not have a wireless LAN link - I do have a netgear GS605 5 port Switch
I can do without an online link - as I will use this Notebook for my weather & planes hobby only.the single lan port I have on my notebook is now taken up by my link to the SR1. Any use for my 5 port Switch then ? Does it automatically find its address and hence its way into my system ?
I look forward to your continued advice. Thank you very much for it !!

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