SR1 set-up

Roland Fechter

Hello and thanks to your recent advice re the use of antivirus software when running the SR1.
Connecting and switching on my SR1 does show all green with the left upper LED twinkling every 2nd second or so. Lock 1 & 2 on the opposite side show both red. I have a stable and strong link to Eutelsat 10 W2A. My LAN connection shows a transfer rate of 100 MBs, my 1394 network adapter
shows 400 MBs. I have properly installed Tellicast eToken and Tellicast proper. Yet, I am hit by this ugly red T again. I have removed my DVB software and my Technisat Skystar USB HD box as I want to receive via my new SR1 DVB-S2 only. I have carefully modified the respective LAN addresses - I use as LAN connection Realtek RTL8169/8110 Family Gigabit Ethernet NIC.
IP address is, subnet
IP address for the 1294 Network Adapter is, subnet
The etoken dongle is permanently red. It does not blink. My MSG data Manager does not list any Eumetcast files - listed 0 files.
I have also obtained the Sr1 Controll.change2jar software - however I am unable to make it work with my new Sr1. received . I can`t open it. I understand it allows fine-tuning of the data`s reception.
A very useful instrument - once you manage to make it run, I suppose.
And again my hint - my O.S. is still Windows XP home, as I hesitate to replace XP by Windows 7.
I am sorry & ashamed by finding myself stranded - thanks in advance for taking your time to come to my help !
Kind regards,
Roland .


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