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Guy Martin <agm@...>

Hello John,

Attached is a brief spec for my receive system and comments.

Regards, Guy

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We are just over halfway in the planned trial period for MSG dissemination
EUMETCast over Hot Bird 6.
The C-Band trial period of EUMETCast is about to begin, though I suspect this
might be shorter owing to the experiences gained during the Ku-Band trials.

At the same time of course MSG-1 itself is undergoing commissioning as is the
MSG Ground Segment for this new all digital satellite.
Owing to the problem with one of MSG-1's SSPA's and the doubt over the
of the remaining SSPA's EUMETSAT have had to adopt a brand new (for weather
satellites - and a pointer to the future(?)) mode of dissemination - DVB.

Quite a few of you are taking part in the EUMETCast trials and I know
are very grateful for the technical feedback you are providing.

A good example - if I may say so - where amateurs can be of assistance to the


Coming up are a couple of new services added to the data stream which I
we will not have access to and of course encryption will gradually be tested
around the end of September.

Reading rig-l and MSG-1 newsgroups and talking to several users at last
de Kunstmaan meeting in Holland [which was brilliant] it appears users are
computers of 'all shapes and sizes.'

I believe it would therefore be interesting and useful to get some feedback
as to
what you are using to receive Ku-Band EUMETCast.
Such as:

Dish size. [LNB's are all pretty much the same these days so not important.]
Card/USB Box - make and version.
Computer - CPU, Intel/Athlon - speed.
HD capacity.
Graphics card - on board memory.

Two computer set up and its make-up?

And, very briefly, a list of any problems encountered.

Oh, and are you a RIG member?

If you would be good enough to spare a bit of time to forward this
information to me
please send it direct to me - johnrigsec@... and not post it to and clog
up the
newsgroups, I would be very grateful.

I will generate a document listing, I suspect, the diverse specs. of
equipment in use.

John Tellick.
RIG secretary.

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