PCI  card overheating question

Paul Telco <paul@...>

Hello all,

Last week my MSG receiver PC died. I assumed that it was due to the Technisat PCI card overheating and switched off. On Sunday morning I fitted an extra five fans to the PC, two directly alongside the PCI card and three to draw cold air through the front of the case.

The PC was still crashing so I reinstalled Win 98 (I don't want to run XP on this machine and It had worked faultlessly before last week). Still Crashes.

At about 14:00 I restarted the computer and software and it all started working. On reading the MSG-1 newsgroup I found lots of other people were having the same problem (32 related messages in 3 days) and It seems to me that we all got our systems back at about the same time.

So the question I have is this: were the problems all related to overheating? It had been hot before without such a lot of failure. Or were the problems to do with the server upgrades announced by Eumetsat earlier?

My system is now working with almost complete reliability. Maybe because it has much improved ventilation. Is anyone still having overheating problems which started last week? Did anyone else notice this pattern of events?

I have not installed any updates to software .

Apologies if this is too far fetched or off topic,


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