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John Willis <john@...>

I must confess I was also a little confused over the instructions.

The procedure that I found works:-

1) If you have put the EKU into your USB port - take it out again!

2) Load the CD Rom into disk drive.

3) Open folder 'EKU_software'

4)Double click 'eTokenRTE.msi'

5) Put your EKU into the USB port

6)Double click 't-systemssetup.exe' in the Tellique folder

7) During the installation a screen appears which asks for your User name & Password - enter the details EXACTLY as on your email. (User Key=Password)

8) Complete the installation and you should find that when you restart your computer everything will be fully working without any intervention.

9) You will find that nothing reaches your MSG Data Manager. This because the new version of Tellique is now in Program Files and you will need to redirect MSG DM.

I hope this helps and if others have found differences then don't hesitate to point this out.

John Willis -

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From: seggins2000
Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2004 5:06 PM
Subject: [MSG-1] Using the EKU

I installed the EKU some time ago. I was emailed a user name and

I must be slow on the uptake but I cannot, for the life of me, see
what I am supposed to do with the user name and password. I
tried "properties" for the eToken software - I asks for a password to
rename the eToken. The password I have does not work there. The
token is in its USB slot and its light is on.

I am receiving images without difficulty at the moment but am
concerned about what may happen when the EKU becomes necessary.

In addition, I have noticed 2 instances of tqrecv.exe running
in "processes" in task manager (W2K). One has a PID of 1524 and the
other has a PID of 1912. Ending either one stops the software.

I would appreciate some advice on this.
John Say

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