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Thanks for the Info David,when I ran the software that came with the
UKU It asked for my new user name and password which had been sent by

So it would seem I am all ready for March 02.

Cheers Lawrence

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Received EKU and software from eumetsat yesterday.

Installed OK and segments coming down OK, except Met 5

I presume the test for the UKU will be the 17th when encryption

Regards Lawrence Brown
Lawrence, encryption starts on March 02.

Feb 17 (as I recall) is when they start to remove users who have an
eToken from the database, so that the non-eToken username and
password will stop working. Of course, the new eToken username and
password will continue to function.

Right now, even with the eToken installed, you should be able to
switch between the two sets of username/password that you have.
need to restart the Tellique software when changing user IDs.

Aa I understand it, after March 02, your original user ID will not
work. I think there will be a general user ID published for the
limited 6-hourly data, for those without eTokens.


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