Re: Ayecka SR1

Ian Deans

Mike as far as I am aware the TBS card ( 6925 ) is a PCIE card and not a PCI card.  I have two PCI slots available but both my PCIE slots are in use so the TBS 6925 is not an option for me.   My quad core computer is approaching 4 years old so its technology is a little dated, although I take a great deal of data without issues on a one computer system with a Technisat USB HD box.

Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2014 4:02 PM
Subject: Re: [MSG-1] Ayecka SR1

Ian Hi, I am surprised you do not have the small slots for a PCI Card, however, yes a USB Version is available its the TBS-5925 and several people have contacted me about them, Francis our GEO Top man has one under test at the moment and JP in France is also testing one, recently TBS have released some up-dating software for that unit which appears to be effective, so we are trying to get an alternative to these very expensive receivers, I am in contact with Singapore at the moment and have sent them a full report on the performance of the PCI Card, and so far its very promising, of course the DVB-S2 Transmissions are what we are waiting for then we can see how it is going to really perform, but the Tech boys at TBS are confident it will be ok, so we shall see.  Kind Regards, Mike (G4CFZ).

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