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From: roland francois
I have well a reception, which is interrupted by moment, but I have no update of the images,
With the last modifications for MSG DATA MANAGER ( V2.6.8.1069) and RSS on which MSG ( )
Is it necessary to settle ?
Another detail than I find strange, on MSG DATED MANAGER, HISTORIC menu, I have a heap of files

which scroll and which repeat of 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 / 02/2012!!!!

And only some day lines, on the other hand for RSS there are only the day data …

The compartment: DAY DATUM IS MARKED,

Thank you



The current MSG Data Manager is V2.6.12.1088, so I recommend that you update. It is a free update.

To get e--mail notification of updates, please complete the form at the bottom of that page. I also recommend that you set a non-zero value for Auto-clean minutes, such as 1440 to remove files more than 1 day old from the \received\ directory tree. You will find the setting on Setup, Options, File controls, RX disk space control. 0 means no automatic delete. 1440 means delete files more than 1440 minute old, every 1440 minutes.

Currently, full-scan is on MSG-3, and that is continuous. Rapid-scan (RSS) is normally on MSG-2, but will switch to MSG-1 for 48 hours at 0900 UTC tomorrow.

I am not clear what menu is producing the list of old files. If these are no longer wanted, I suggest you delete the files by hand. If the problem remains, please switch to the English language menu so that I can find the problem more easily.

Finally, problems with my software are best sent to the SatSignal Yahoo group:

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