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roland francois

Hello to all,

Thank you for your answers,
I verified the satellite dish, taking advantage of a beautiful sun in the noon, I used the software
On the site SAT.DROSSEL-SERVICES .DE to verify the alignment
Everything is OK
On the other hand I noticed that a tree (THUYA) grew faster than planned well that distant from the antenna

I shortened it of 2 meters
Now I have:
QUALITY OF the SIGNAL > vari from 50 to 65 % but by moment passes for a moment in the red

T: Pink but by moment passes in the red
I think that I am again going to cut a part of the summit of the tree
I have well a reception, which is interrupted by moment, but I have no update of the images,
With the last modifications for MSG DATA MANAGER ( V2.6.8.1069) and RSS on which MSG ( )
Is it necessary to settle ?
Another detail than I find strange, on MSG DATED MANAGER, HISTORIC menu, I have a heap of files

which scroll  and which repeat of 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 / 02/2012!!!!

And only some day lines, on the other hand for RSS there are only the day data …

The compartment: DAY DATUM IS MARKED,

Thank you



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Since a few weeks I also have a problem of reception EUMETSAT
Without having modified the installation,

I have 1 meter satellite dish
I have a card PCI TECHNISAT

>>>> QUALITY OF the SIGNAL : 0 % (red)
>>>> STRENGTH OF the SIGNAL : 100 % (GREEN)
>>>> And obviously "T" yellow

Has anybody an explanation ?
Thank you



Do your frequencies look like these?

The "NETWORK NAME" may be different - it changes from time to time according
to who owns it!
Then check you are pointing at the correct satellite - that
your dish hasn't moved. Do you have a spare LNB you can try? It does seem
strange to have good strength but no quality.

David GM8ARV
SatSignal Software - Quality software written to your requirements

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