Strong signal - missing data

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I have a good, strong signal from MSG and have been getting consistent results for a long time. With this horrible hot weather hitting us (I hate it but others love it...) I decided that 28C in the observatory (where my computer and wxsat equipment is) was too hot so I powered everything off two days ago. I put it back on in the evening and all was fine. Yesterday I decided to leave it running and during the afternoon as the temperature rose higher than expected, I saw missing data. It got very bad but then improved during the evening.

This would seem to point to the computer/equipment not liking this awful weather either. Does anyone know whether such hot weather can seriously degrade signal reception somehow, or is this a coincidence? I can easily check it out any day but I would like to know what is going on.

Any comments welcome - just please don't tell me how much you love hot weather! ;-)
Lawrence Harris

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