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From: Alan Banks

Hi Chris
Try these.


Thanks for posting that. May I suggest:

- in recv.ini, the tmp_directory should be defined, and it should be in the same disk partition as the received directories, so in your case something like:


Ensure the directory exists and has full access.

I would also remove all the commented out stuff from recv-channels.ini to make things clearer. You may find you have unexpected entries! For what it's worth, my own sample files look something like this:

These files are for:
# EUMETCast directory: C:\EUMETCast\
# Received files: C:\EUMETcast\received\
# In-reception files: C:\EUMETcast\temp\
# 300 MB RAMdisk drive: Z:
# Only some sample channels are shown

If you can keep the EUMETCast data to a separate physical disk (as your drive D: may be) so much the better, but /don't/ use a separate partition on the same physical disk (e.g. another partition on the physical disk where your C:\Windows\ resides - that just causes more disk head movement between the partitions. It is important to remove the catch-all [*] entry in recv-channels.ini, as you demonstrate, otherwise your system can easily become overloaded with unwanted data.

After a new install, I copy the recv.ini and recv-channels.ini to a safe location for a reference.

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