Re: Proposal: MSG-n in the window's name field?

Ulrich G. Kliegis

MSG-1/2/3 is already in the program's title bar, and in the pop-up
hint when you mouse over the icon in the taskbar. It's there for exactly the
reason you mentioned - and I was getting confused as well, so I added the
same facility to the Metop Manger. It's been in the MSG Data Manager for
It would be redundant adding it to the Help, About, I feel.
It seems it appears in the title bar only after the first prolog message is received,

Data from will be empty until a prolog message is received, and
there's one at the start of every scan. While the RSS takes its month rest,
there are no scans, no prolog messages, and hence the From field stays
Now, the situation has become even more confusing. I installed msg-dm in three
instances yesterday, different folders, all named as usual, msg-datamanager1, ~2,

Three instances are on the screen. One does not carry any satellite number in the
title bar, the two others carry MSG-3, although one of them is set to MSG-1. The
one without any number (with the native program title) is set to MSG-2. It receives
nothing, data from... is orphane.

The two others show both data from MSG-3 (which is correct only for one,
according to its setting.

What goes wrong here?

XP pro...

Cheers and thanks,

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