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Thanks for that, and the etoken looks to be working correctly. Unfortunately I need to find my password now for the etoken. I cant seem to find it anywhere. Is there any way you can find it.
Unfortunately my computer crashed and I am having to set everything up again..


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I think I may have damaged my EKU.When pulling out of the USB slot. the
bottom section came away. I seemed to put it back together ok and it lights
up when reinserted in to the usb slot, the EKU lit ok.
However the Red T does not change now to yellow T.
Does anyone know how I can get a new eku.



Try, Programs, eToken, eToken properties, and click on the View eToken Info
button. See if you get a page of eToken information display (like the
sample below). If the page looks OK, your eToken is working.


From my Web page:

Order a replacement from EUMETSAT as Alan mentioned. There are other
trouble-shooting steps mentioned in those pages and here:

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