Re: DVBWorld problems

Ian Deans

Yes it does help although I am not 100% happy with my present set-up given
that I am only running a 32 bit operating system and with 8 GB of ram not
necessary very sensible. Ok I have used some of it on a 800 Mb RAMdisk but
a lot still not being used.

Just letting things settle down after losing Windows 8/64 trying to install
2007 DVBWorld drivers for my Dexatek box.

Being near the sea does help although I am probably 800 feet or so above sea
level and have had some snow -- but not as much as Douglas.


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From: David J Taylor
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Subject: Re: [MSG-1] DVBWorld problems

I have a full Eumetcast system ( receive and process ) on both my Windows
7/64 and Windows 8/32 so that I have a full back-up. They are both in the
same computer but only one is powered on at any one time.

I am using my Windows 8/32 on a HD as my main computer with the Windows 7/64
on an SSD available as a back-up.


Thanks, Ian. Nice to have an (almost) hot standby. Hope the weather has
not been too unkind to you up there - being near the Tay estuary must help
you like being near the Forth estuary does here. You're even nearer the
water than I am.


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