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Hi Ian

That's certainly not my experience. I have been running Windows 8 64bit now for about three months and have had no issues whatsoever . I am running DVBWorld software with an external USB receiver but once I found the correct drivers I have not had one second of downtime



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Just to clarify my position re Windows 8 and the Dexatek/DVBWorld drivers
and software, I only have them working on my backup 32 bit Windows 8 system.

Attempting to run Dexatek/DVBWorld drivers on Windows 8 64-bit not only
proved impossible but seriously corrupted my Windows 8 start up and as I had
downloaded the operating system from the internet ( for £24 ) without a
back-up disc I lost the whole operating system.

I am now running Windows 7 64-bit on that computer and would not recommend
you even try using Dexatek/DVBWorld boxes on Windows 8 64-bit as there are
serious risks. Lets get a reality check with these boxes, you need 5/6 year
old drivers to get them to work on Windows 7 64-bit and there has been no
updated drivers /software since Vista !!!


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Oh, and TechniSat aren't supplying Windows-8 drivers for at least some of
their boxes and cards, and the Win-7 4.0.6a drivers may cause intermittent
crashes on a Win-8 system. I've only had the Win-8/DVB World software
running for a few hours so far, so perhaps there are some surprises in
store! But they have worked for at least two others (Graham Woolf and Ian


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