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Dear fellow enthusiast :)

I would be much obliged if any fellow members could offer any pointers for my good friend George Newport.
His pc was recently infected with a rootkit virus, after removal he could no longer receive eumetcast data.

I have connected to him remotely a few times via teamviewer and been through the DVBworld installation and setup etc but the problems still prevails.

I think the root of the problem lies with the DVBworld setup.
I added all the PIDs etc but no data flowing, the signal strength 75 quality 87.
Frequency 11977, Symbol 27500
I have set the ip as required i.e and subnet mask
Checked in ipconfig and all ok.

System: Windows 7 64 bit.

Any help much appreciated.

Paul Hayes


Nice to hear from you!

I spoke with George this morning and suggest he follow my guide:

Win-7 and Win-8 64-bit have certain driver issues, which are discussed here:

so you need the correct combination of driver and DVB World program as found on the GEO CD. From Device Manager and Windows Explorer:

Device: DVB NET ETAdapter
Driver: DVB ETCorp 24/07/2007, not digitally signed
DVBNet.sys, built by WinDDK, Copyright 2005-2006 DVB Provider

DVB World program:
Program DVB World 3.0 B01, (c) 2004-2008, ver: 12-05-2008

I can vouch that these combinations do work on both Win-7/64 and Win-8/64, although you may need to set Win-8/64 so that unsigned drivers can be installed, and the Dexatek (and likely DVB World) box may not work correctly in a USB 3.0 port (I only discovered this today).

You should also ensure that the ROUTE ADD command has been run, It's mentioned on the EUMETSAT installation CD. The output from the ROUTE PRINT command should include the lines:

Persistent Routes:
Network Address Netmask Gateway Address Metric 1

Oh, and TechniSat aren't supplying Windows-8 drivers for at least some of their boxes and cards, and the Win-7 4.0.6a drivers may cause intermittent crashes on a Win-8 system. I've only had the Win-8/DVB World software running for a few hours so far, so perhaps there are some surprises in store! But they have worked for at least two others (Graham Woolf and Ian Deans).

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