DVBWorld problems

phqfh <phqfh1@...>

Dear fellow enthusiast :)

I would be much obliged if any fellow members could offer any pointers for my good friend George Newport.
His pc was recently infected with a rootkit virus, after removal he could no longer receive eumetcast data.

I have connected to him remotely a few times via teamviewer and been through the DVBworld installation and setup etc but the problems still prevails.

I think the root of the problem lies with the DVBworld setup.
I added all the PIDs etc but no data flowing, the signal strength 75 quality 87.
Frequency 11977, Symbol 27500
I have set the ip as required i.e and subnet mask
Checked in ipconfig and all ok.

System: Windows 7 64 bit.

Any help much appreciated.

Paul Hayes

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