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For researchers, having the dual
full-scan views is an otherwise unrepeatable opportunity.]

after playing around a bit with both sources, I switched it back-off. Theoretically, the "stereo
view" is indeed unique, but detecting 3D becomes nearly impossible if the two frames are not
recorded and displayed totally synchronously. Interleaving left and right frames is fine, but
subsequent frames should then carry the same time stamp - from the same clock.

Fusing the two datastreams into one RSS movie produced garbage - and made the hard disk

The normal user (tm) should just wait until Metop 10 is fully commissioned as such, in my eyes,
and then toggle the switch.

But the little I know is probably wrong.



The folk at Copenhagen were using the separation of MSG-1 and MSG-2 at one stage to study how leaf structure affected the perceived reflectivity of vegetation as seen from different angles. IIRC the 3.4 degree separation wasn't enough, but the 10 degree separation was enough. I think they completed their work before the rapid-scan service was established, but I could be wrong on that.

Making 3D from RSS and normal-scan images might be an interesting challenge for someone!

As you say, for most users simply changing the satellite setting from MSG-2 to MSG-3 on the appropriate day is enough.

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