Re: Metop-B

Ulrich G. Kliegis

Von: "David J Taylor" <>
Datum: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 20:46:27 -0000
Betreff: Re: [MSG-1] Metop-B

There is a Metop users' group here:
There is some information about receiving data from Metop-B on the
Metop Manager Web page:
You may need to request the data from Ops at EUMETSAT. Please note
that an upgrade to version 2 of the Metop Manager is required, and existing
users may purchase the upgrade here:

Having installed the second instance of Metop Manager, I was first a bit unsure what I really
needed to get both satellites' data.

Please note that you may need more than one update, they are sort of cascaded.

If you still run Metop Manager 1.x - you need an upgrade to Metop Manager 2. That is advisable
in any case. It will allow you to receive and process Metop-A data.

If you want to add Metop-B to your portfolio, either alone or as an augmentation to Metop-A, you
need yet another upgrade. After some verification discussion with David, I obviously got the right
kit together, since I get Metop-A and ~-B data here at the same time.

Another hint: there is a selection box in the world view browser that allows you to select between
Metop-X and Nooa-18/19. Dont' be deceived by that one when installing the second instance of
Metop Manager. The setting which satellite to show is made - appropriately - in the settings
Once you've done it, you know it is all very logical. And this time, the german user guidance is
absolutley up-to-date :).

So, to summarize: you need one upgrade from 1.x to 2.0.x, and if you then want to see Metop-B
too, you need another upgrade. David sends you a new key for that, close both metop
managers, start the Metop-B one (I labeled mine in the desktop links accordingly), enter the
registration code, restart the program, then select Metop-B in the settings page. The rest ist
usual business.
If you have version 2.0.x already, you need only the second upgrade.

And, if I got that right: If you purchased the original Metop Manager license just recently,
everything is included already, right, David?

If you have asked the OPS-admins for Metop-B data and set the recv-channels.ini right, you get
those data - and they don't come bitwise... If you don't have the Metop-B-manager running, your
disk will fill pretty quickly.

And if you happen to be in installation mood, why don't you just add MODIS-L1-Viewer? Even
more detailled images from "Aqua" and "Terra", very majestic views there, if I may say so as a
non-UK-citizen... :)


U. (K.) :)

Yes, I know, this should have been posted in the Metop group, but since the short discussion
had started here...

P.P.S.: Surprsingly, the traffic graphs don't reflect the volume increase so much.

Just the network traffic between receiver and processing PC shows a significatly different shape
and area under the graph. <>

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