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Hello Roland and David,

I agree with David, if your T is pink then there is no firewall blocking.
I have not seen firewall functions in videocard drivers, neither from nVidia or ATI. But PCs with nVidia chipset on the main board can load additional software "Nvidia Network access Manager" that acts as firewall. This can be disabled in Windows without altering the BIOS.

As David said there must be something wrong with your user name/password or EKU install.

Can you run: Start > eToken > eToken properties > View eToken Info ?
If not then reinstall eToken run time environment (eToken RTE).

Arne van Belle

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Hallo, David !
Thanks for your very kind interest in my drama. When put into a port
accepting it the dongle produces a permanent red glow.
No flashes ! After x-reboots I now do not get anymore SAF data which was the
only one opened before. All I have now is the announcement channel data
being continuously produced - and o.k. status being shown. All this points
to all data being blocked by some silly firewall or other blocking device. I
run my PC now with XP professional - before I had XP home. Growing trouble
with receiving tellicast-Eumetsat forced me to do this step. I did not see
any alternative since Tellicast just was before its final breath.
So, reloading my PC from scratch has been futile so far.
I will send the facts to Darmstadt - Debbie did a great job in providing me
rapidly with the new version 5.8. plus a new dongle.
Should you or another expert member of this group have some suspicion as to
the reasons of my problem I would be most thankful for your thoughts.
There is no data from any data channel showing up.
Throughbits between zero and 600. before. kl of those z


The change from XP Home to XP Professional should make little or no
difference. My main receive-only PC runs XP Home and works perfectly well.
If you think there is a firewall issue, you may want to check that the XP
firewall is turned off. But, it the announcement channel is getting
through, I believe that there is no firewall issue. Getting connection but
no data suggests authorisation or eToken problems. Some ideas, which you
may have already tried.

1 - Does the eToken install correctly? There is a quick test mentioned on
the EUMETSAT 5.8 install instructions.

2 - Turn on verbose logging for TelliCast, and see what the log file says.

3 - I wonder whether your username and password are correct?

4 - You could try the generic username and password which will work with no
eToken installed.

From your other mail - it will be the network interface on the motherboard
which is trying to provide firewall protection, and it may be a BIOS setting
to disable that. But if the TelliCast icon is "pink", there is no firewall
problem (as far as I know).

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