data channels blocked by----ATI-Nvidia firewall !?

Roland Fechter

Our Italian friend, Giovanni, had a similar problem some time ago.
He too used an ATI-NVIDIA graphic card - mine is a Radeon HD 4650
- I had another lower performance Nvidia card before.
I remember it caused me the same problem as today - data channels being blocked by the NVIDIA firewall then called the Nvidia Network access Manager. Once this nuisance removed my data streamed again.
Now - its more complicated for me. ATI has modernised - its nuisance calls itself now Catalyst Install Manager and Catalyst Controll Center.
The problem is that its main contents are useful ATI drivers and that their current firewall function is well hidden somewhere there.
What I did is to remove both Manager and controll center as I obtained a batch of fitting drivers from another source.
I am sure that their firewall is still active in my system somewhere well hidden blocking my data channels.
I wonder if there are among you similar sufferers who managed to
overcome this problem.
May I learn what needs to be done please ?
Thanks in advance.

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