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Roland Fechter

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I currently have the latest Eumetsat software ver. 5.8. & Version of the Data Manager.
Much to my surprise I only receive SAF & Ascat data whereas all the
remaing data channels are missing !
My pid list is complete - green DVB symbol !
I am at an entire loss - could I have your help please ?
Thanks in advance and regards.


What did you change to bring about this state of affairs? Is you eToken
glowing red, with occasional dark flashes? Have you tried rebooting?

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Hallo, David !
Thanks for your very kind interest in my drama. When put into a port accepting it the dongle produces a permanent red glow.
No flashes ! After x-reboots I now do not get anymore SAF data which was the only one opened before. All I have now is the announcement channel data being continuously produced - and o.k. status being shown. All this points to all data being blocked by some silly firewall or other blocking device. I run my PC now with XP professional - before I had XP home. Growing trouble with receiving tellicast-Eumetsat forced me to do this step. I did not see any alternative since Tellicast just was before its final breath.
So, reloading my PC from scratch has been futile so far.
I will send the facts to Darmstadt - Debbie did a great job in providing me rapidly with the new version 5.8. plus a new dongle.
Should you or another expert member of this group have some suspicion as to the reasons of my problem I would be most thankful for your thoughts.
There is no data from any data channel showing up.
Throughbits between zero and 600. before. kl of those z

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