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Vincenzo Mone

Oh sorry David,
I missunderstood.
I will reverse back and wait until January 21st.
For the message if i rember it was how to set fot Metop-B.
I missed it.

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Il giorno 21/dic/2012, alle ore 20:22, "David J Taylor" <> ha scritto:

Hi David,
Thanks for your help.
I've made the changed in the MSGDM as you suggested but i am noting that
since i' ve made the changed, i do not receive anything more.
I remember that there was a message that passed on the forum that explaine
how to set to receive MSG-3 and/or Metop-B.
Unfortunately i missed it. Please can you point me to that message?


I said NOT to change the MSG Data Manager until MSG-3/Meteosat-10 became the
official satellite. That's January 21, at the moment. See:

You can use the Yahoo group search facility to find older messages:

Use the box "Search:" immediately above the list of messages. There have
been lots of messages, so I don't know which one you mean.

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