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Alan Banks <alan@...>

Hello Geoffrey,
Good to hear from you and I'm sorry you have lost your window on the world.
I'm not sure why the link doesn't work for you as there are no issues here. My son in Taiwan has no difficulty either.
Try going to my Home page
and click on the 'Solar Eclipse' link.
It does make me wonder whether you have a decent internet link and before you take up James suggestion, I would check what speed you can get and whether you need some additional equipment in your room. Are you plug in or wi-fi?


On 16/11/2012 15:56, Geoffrey Gee wrote:

You may recognise me from the past. I was looking forward to looking at your images taken from an area I know well and which I have been able to cover regularly until; recently. Any ideas as to how I can get them to open The current link fails.

Unfortunately I have had recently to move from my flat to a care home and have had to leave my Dish MSG & METOP installation behind but have one of my computers with me . I am now reduced to being an old ordinary weather watcher !!!!! Any hints on useful sites to fill the hole left by my loss of my EUMETSAT data would be much appreciated

Cheers .......................Geoffrey

From: Alan Banks

Subject: [MSG-1] Eclipse

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