Strange Issue with the Eku Key

Vincenzo Mone

Hi Folks,
i am trying my new PC and havenoticed a strange issue.
After have installed the PCI Skystar Drivers and the Hardware software, i am noticing that i can see the Tellicast Icone that it is Pink so it
means that is working.Also if i click on the icon on the tray i see the incoming data fron the graph on the IE page but the strange issue is
that the EKU key does not lights on or flashes.
If i move o a different USB port so i can see the EKU key flashing.
Also i have noticed that if i go into the RECEIVED folder, in the first case i do not see any incoming files but as i move the key in the different USB plug i see the incoming files.
Why this difference?
Could be a defeat on the first USB port or there is something also i missed?
I have also tried to plug in the first USB port an USB Hard drive and see that it works.
Any help will be really appreciated
Thanks in advance.

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