New version of BUFRdisplay for NPP data, including Linux


For any BUFR enthusiasts, I now have a new version of BUFRdisplay available on my www site at (version 0.4.0).

The main changes allow it to handle the new ATMS and CrIS NPP files from EUMETCast. They includes extensive updates to the BUFR tables, which hopefully will also allow it to handle a greater range of BUFR data.

For the first time, I also have put up versions of it for Linux. I have developed it under Ubuntu 12.04, but I have not been able to test it under any other versions of Linux. I would therefore be very interested to lean if it will run on other Linux systems, and would be grateful for any feedback. There are 32- and 64-bit versions – the 32-bit version will not run under a 64-bit Linux, so you will need to use the correct one.

If this is successful, I will shortly issue Linux versions of BUFEextract.

Francis Breame

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